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Lersus MMS

"If we are not learning then before long we won’t be earning"

Online tutorials, computer training and web-based courses are getting more and more popular. E-learning is the perfect solution for full time workers who do not have time or patience for academic approaches to essential knowledge and skills required to better do their jobs.

Instead of gathering students in a classroom, the teacher is now able to provide them with the required e-learning materials via Internet, and afterwards check the student’s knowledge by means of online testing.

The greater the number of students and courses, the harder it is for the tutor to keep in mind all the necessary information. How many students are there? How many courses? Which courses are taken by this or that learner? How well do the learners do in their courses?

All these questions can be easily answered if there is a system that would keep track of courses and learners, let the tutor administrate learners, assign courses and monitor the learner’s progress.

Lersus MMS

LERSUS MMS is designed by DELFI Software team for the convenience of online tutors and learners dealing with LERSUS e-learning courses. Every learner logged in to LERSUS MMS gets access to all the courses assigned to him or her. When logged in to LERSUS MMS, the tutor can view the list of all courses in the system, add new LERSUS courses, assign them to learners or remove from LERSUS MMS. The tutor can also add and remove learners from the system, and monitor their progress.

LERSUS MMS supports all the basic functionality of a learning management system. Still it is easy to use and has an affordable price. Applying LERSUS MMS will relieve you of the necessity to switch from one software product to another when looking for the high quality at the best price.


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