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Why LERSUS? Top 10 reasons

1. Fast and easy production of e-Learning content requiring no programming knowledge

The user friendly graphic interface, which is very similar to the one of modern text editors, simplifies your first steps and access to the necessary tools and functions. The intuitive toolbars, menus and other functions help you learn the basis of content authoring, so that no much training is necessary to get along with the application.

2. Simple adjustment on special requirements

The product is co-ordinated with the needs of various target groups from a single user to an enterprise. A project customized on your requirements can be used location- and time-independently.

3. Separation of content and design

Design and content are two completely different components managed independently. Once a document is created, it can be used again or modified easily. This is a crucial advantage, which allows different ways of providing and publishing the same information.

4. Integration into existing infrastructure

The learning modules provided by LERSUS are compatible with e-Learning standards such as SCORM 1,2, IMS content Packages, LOM, QTI, and can be integrated easily into Content Management and Learning Management systems (Blackboard and WebCT).

5. Working efficiently in team

LERSUS ensures location and time-independent transfer of information between project participants. The product is adjusted to a smooth co-operation and leaves you space for creativity. You work in your own speed, guarantee the quality of the data, and keep control over your documents. You are the one to allow or deny access to a document you create.

6. Expandable architecture

Extensions and interfaces particularly for content export in e-Learning-platforms can be implemented easily.

7. Production of dynamic and interactive contents (integration of multimedia elements)

Contents of your learning modules are prepared with the help of multimedia. The material provided over texts, illustrations, tables and animation is descriptive and easy-to-understand.

8. Consistent didactical orientation instead of technical design principles

Authors concentrate on didactical and contentwise organization of tutorials. Owing to the predefined didactical model, your learning modules will always correspond to the individual requirements.

9. Fast visual control by integrated preview function

Use preview function at any time to see the document as it will be provided to the end user.

10. Flexible application opportunities

LERSUS allows creating multimedia tutorials, e-scripts, websites, presentations and contents, production for knowledge management, project and document management.


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