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Convenience and functionality

Convenience and functionality The interface and functionality of our editor has much in common with modern text editors. The author can start working with LERSUS just as he works with his text editor.

Clear document structure

The author can view the didactic model at any time, and see whether the document developed corresponds to the model requirements. LERSUS itself will let the author know about all cases of contradiction between the document and its model. Clear document structure

Visual test development

Visual test development LERSUS allows the author to create tests in visual form. The tests will be exported to any format, including IMS QTI, Moodle GIFT, or any other format required by your project.

Easy composition of the material

LERSUS provides the author with effective composition tools. With the help of your mouse and a couple of clicks you can modify the tutorial structure however you think is appropriate. Easy composition of the material

Extended metadata

Extended metadata Every element in the document can have its metadata. The metadata can be of arbitrary structure and complexity.

Preview of the materials

The preview function enables author to see the material as it will be published for users. Just press the preview button. LERSUS will immediately form the module and display it. Preview of the materials

Content integration into Learning Management Systems

Content integration into Learning Management Systems Content can be easily modified for publication in LMS without any additional transformations required. The whole work with content comes to applying the appropriate styles and acquiring new formats and views of the document.


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