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LERSUS easyContent

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Formats supported

LERSUS functions allow export to the following formats:

  • XML to enable dynamic design of the content by means of content control system tools
  • HTML to locate on the network
  • Adobe Acrobat for printable documents
  • Text format
  • Microsoft Word format
  • The format required to meet your demands

With our editor you will be able to create tutorials according to e-learning standards such as SCORM, IMS QTI or Moodle GIFT. If your LMS requires a different format of content realization, then LERSUS models are able to realize this format.

LERSUS supports the import of text, pictures, tables, equations, and lists from Microsoft Word. LERSUS imports contents considering their styles.

If you have a content of this format, you can immediately convert it to a content of LERSUS format.

LERSUS can create interactive help in the format of HTML Help, HTML Help 2.0 and technical documentation.



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